Monday, 18, January, 2021

The Center for Economic Research and Reform (CERR), together with the Anti-Corruption Agency, has developed a methodology for evaluation of corruption and shadow economy ranking for government bodies, enterprises and provinces the Center, CERR said.

The ranking is reportedly aimed at objectively evaluating the anti-corruption reforms.

From 2021, the Center will annually announce the ranking and conduct survey among the population in all provinces.

“So far, Uzbekistan conducted several corruption studies, albeit at the republican level, Bakhtishod Khamidov, said.

He added that the reforms require the corruption problems are identified in specific sectors and provinces.

“The authorities are now taking comprehensive measures to reduce the shadow economy by facilitating doing business. In particular, the foreign exchange market has been liberalized, and tax system has been overhauled, and as a result, the share of the shadow economy has dropped from 20% to 6% in the last 5 years,” said Utkir Nomozboyev, an employee of the Anti-Corruption Agency. “Uzbekistan has set a target of halving the shadow economy in the next five years. This, of course, requires concrete measures.”

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