Monday, 25, January, 2021

In January-October, Uzbekistan increased the export of passenger cars by 66.8% compared to the same period last year. During this period, Uzbek carmakers exported US$ 127.2 million worth of 13,310 cars, while US$ 50.9 million worth of cars were exported in ten months of the last year, said the spokesman to the State Statistics Committee Usmon Abdurasulov.

According to the Statistics Committee, the largest number of cars was exported to Kazakhstan - 11,048. The geography of exports in monetary terms is as follows:

Kazakhstan - US$ 109.8 million;

Ukraine - US$ 6.4 million;

Azerbaijan - US$ 6.2 million;

Russia - US$ 2.2 million;

Tajikistan - US$ 1.2 million;

other countries - US$ 1.4 million.

At the same time, over ten months, 22,228 passenger cars worth US$ 392.8 million (+ 34.7%), as well as parts and accessories worth US$ 767.3 million (+ 5.3%) were imported into Uzbekistan.

EAs reported earlier, UzAuto Motors increased the production of all car models, but the company's net profit almost halved. The company explained this by the lifting of tax waivers, including VAT.

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