Monday, 15, April, 2024

The Senate at the ninth plenary session on Friday passed the Making Amendments and Addenda to Some Legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in To Further Enhance the Guarantees of the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Owners Bill, the press service of the Senate said.

The Bill introduces amendments to the Denationalization and Privatization Law, the Local Authorities Law, the Protection of Private Property and Guarantees of Owners' Rights Law” and the Land Code.

According to the norm added to the Land Code, the seizure of a land plot or part of it for state and public needs shall be done with the consent of its owner or in agreement with the land user and the tenant by the decision of the provincial and Tashkent city council of people's deputies, respectively, or by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Code also states that the right to own or use a land plot or part of it, as well as the termination of the right to lease a land plot, in most cases is taken by a court. Such cases are the use of a land plot for other purposes, irrational use of the land plot or systematic non-payment of the land tax within the timelines established by law.

The right to own or use a land plot by decision of mayors of districts, cities, governors or by a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers can be terminated only in four cases: upon voluntary refusal of a land plot, upon expiration of the term for granting a land plot, liquidation of a legal entity or termination of labor relations, in connection with which was provided with an official land plot

In addition, the Bill provides for the amendment on the inadmissibility of revising and canceling the results of denationalization and privatization of enterprises, organizations and property.

The Bill will take effect after being signed by the President.

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