Monday, 15, April, 2024

Alisher Usmanov has been for many years providing large-scale, comprehensive assistance to the Republic of Uzbekistan, including to his small homeland, Namangan province.

In particular, he has contributed to the Obod Qishloq program implemented in the province, which is aimed at the comprehensive development of the province. For these purposes, last year alone, Usmanov handed over US$ 50 million to improve the livelihoods of his compatriots. Noting the huge contribution of Alisher Usmanov to the development of the Namangan province, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that it is planned to open a youth business center named after Alisher Usmanov in Namangan city. In this center, foreign experts will train young people in business skills. This is a personal initiative of the President of Uzbekistan and the provincial authorities.

Mr. Usmanov is connected with Namangan by family history: Alisher Burkhanovich was born in the city of Chust, Chust district of Namangan province, his father worked here as a prosecutor, and his grandmother, Maryam Atabaevna, worked in various government bodies, and she was the first woman to chair the city executive committee, and after retireing she worked as a director of an oil factory, and then organized the first Kids Store in the city of Namangan.

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