Wednesday, 25, November, 2020

On October 6, the Ministry of Health signed an agreement with the joint venture Jurabek Laboratories on the supply of 39,000 packages of the antiviral drug Remdessa (remdesivir) for 11.9 billion soums, or US$ 1.1 million, with each package priced at 307.5 thousand soums, the government procurement agency said.

According to the agreement, each package must be labeled with SSV (Ministry of Health) and SOTISH MAN QILINADI (prohibited for sale).

In mid-September, the State Unitary Enterprise O'zmedimpeks under the Ministry of Health announced the results of the call for bids (announced at the end of August) for purchase of medicines for treatment of coronavirus infection. The report noted that Jurabek Laboratories was awarded the deal for supply of 20 thousand vials of remdesivir for 6.1 billion soums and 14 thousand packages of heparin for 4.9 billion soums.

Remdessa was was registered on October 9, although the sales began on September 21, Jurabek Laboratories said. For example, the special Zangiata hospital №2 on September 28 bought 500 vials of medicine for 385.4 thousand soums (total - 192.7 million soums), and then another 1000.

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