Monday, 27, September, 2021

At a government meeting on the national cadastre system chaired by the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, among other issues was discussed anti-corruption measures, the Uzbekistan 24 reported.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev underscored that the struggle in this area started "to pay off" in the last six months the report said. A number of officials have been arrested, are under investigation and are to be punished.

According to the report, the deputy mayor of the Kibray district of Tashkent province in charge of investment Zh. Mashrabov offered to purchase 9 hectares of empty land for 60 thousand dollars. He was arrested on June 11 while receiving 35 thousand dollars.

Deputy Head of the Authority for Capital Construction under the Tashkent mayor’s office B. Allamuratov was arrested on June 25 when selling 1 hectare of land for US$ 1.4 million to the Head of the Investment and Foreign Trade Department of the Chilanzar District Khokimiyat Kh. Shukuraliev, the report said.

U. Alizhonov, aide to the mayor of the Markhamat district of the Andijan province, was arrested in September when he received US$ 29,000 for the allotment of 11 hectares of land "through close ties."

M. Dekhkanov, first deputy mayor of Buvaida district of Fergana province, was arrested in October when receiving US$ 20 thousand. He tried to illegally register 50 acres of land in the free economic zone for entrepreneurial activity, Uzbekistan 24 noted.

The deputy mayor of Akkurgan district of Tashkent province A. Tuymachov, together with the head of the cadastre department I. Karaboev, was arrested on March 18 while selling 1.5 hectares of land for US$ 1,500.

The deputy mayor of Bostanlyk district of Tashkent province Z. Mirzakhodzhaev was arrested in October while allocating 5 acres of land for US$ 25 thousand, the report says.

As reported earlier from now on, decisions of mayors on land allotment shall be deemed invalid until they are included in the National Geographic Information System. Each district is scheduled to be provided with drones to control agricultural land and monitor crops. Cases of illegal construction are planned to be warned through a satellite surveillance system.

At the meeting, the President also instructed to introduce a tax calculation system based on the real value of land using increasing and decreasing coefficients. For this, international experts will be involved, the procedure for determining the market value of objects will be tested in four districts.

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