Tuesday, 22, June, 2021

The construction of the Sergeli line of the Tashkent metro is nearing completion. The installation of rails on the Sergeli-Olmazor metro line has been completed, and final finishing work is being carried out at the stations, the Ministry of Transport.

The construction on the US$ 82.66 million project reportedly began in early 2017. The project consists of Choshtepa, Tashkent Ring Road, Sergeli, Afrosiyob and Kipchoq stations. Today, about 1,200 specialists and workers, more than a hundred machines and equipment are being used in the construction of this facility.

So far, the builders have completed the main construction work at Choshtepa, Tashkent Ring Road, Sergeli, Afrosiyob and Kipchoq stations, with decorating of the exterior and interior ongoing. To date, a total of 12.8 km of the two-lane track between the stations has been fully completed.

Following the completion of construction work on the Sergeli metro line, according to the agreement between Uzbekistan Railways and Russia's Metrovagonmash, 4-car subway trains for the Tashkent underground will run on this new route.

Sergeli line

Sergeli line b

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