Sunday, 14, July, 2024

Today, the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired an online government meeting on additional measures for easing doing business in the provinces, the presidential press service said.

A ranking system for the socio-economic development of provinces was introduced on May 1 in Uzbekistan, for the first time economic indices, the environment for supporting business, infrastructure and the degree of use of available resources in provinces and cities were studied.

Based on the findings of the analysis, provinces and cities were assigned the “Good”, “Average” and “Unsatisfactory” categories based on the state of ease of doing business. Thus, the situation was recognized as "good" in 48, "average" in 119 and "unsatisfactory" in 33 districts and cities.

He noted that the ministries and departments included in the economic complex must become organizations “serving the business” and that mayors of districts and cities and their deputies, who have achieved exemplary figures, will be assigned a 30% salary increase, and penalties will be applied to the heads of territories with an unsatisfactory situation.

“A leader who does nothing to improve people's lives will not work even a day,” the president stressed.

He determined that the system of anti-crisis management will be introduced in the districts and cities with "Unsatisfactory" and "Average" categories. Anyone who wishes to govern the territory can present his program for the development of a district or city in the local councils of people's deputies. Applicants who have defended their programs before the people's representatives will be appointed mayors with the right to bring his team.

“Governors and mayors will one day be elected by the people. We will achieve this,” he said.

The president first came up with a proposal to make the office of khokims an elective in December 2016.

“If each region chooses its own leader, it will be possible to achieve a major improvement in terms of the responsibility of the leaders before the people and society,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

In August 2017, he announced his readiness "right now" to introduce a system of popular election of mayors.

Currently, governors of provinces and Tashkent city mayor are appointed and dismissed by the president, while, the mayors of districts are appointed and dismissed by the province governor, and approved by the relevant deputies council.

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