Monday, 17, May, 2021

The Central Bank will soon resume issuing gold and silver coins, the Central Bank chairman Mamarizo Nurmuratov announced at a press conference on Friday.

According to him, the Central Bank is working on the design and theme of new coins, as well as increasing their numismatic value. In addition, coins in the future will be of different sizes.

“We are working on offering gold bullions for sale. I cannot say the specific date, but in the near future we will start selling them at banks,” he said.

Each bullion will have an identification serial number, certificate and a seal. In case of signs of counterfeiting, the measured bullion will be handed over to the security authorities, and will not be returned.

Prices will be set based on quotations on international markets, the soum to US dollar exchange rate, as well as the regulator's margin.

The first memorial gold and silver coins went on sale in November 2018. The goal was to expand opportunities for the population to invest and save, as well as develop the precious metals market, taking into account international experience and practice.

In June 2018, it was reported that gold and silver measured bullions for the development of shopping tourism would be produced at the Navoi Metallurgical Plant.

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