Wednesday, 23, September, 2020

Otabek Umarov, the President’s younger son-in-law, announced his resignation from the chair of the Triathlon Federation and the Association of Mixed Martial Arts of Uzbekistan role, the Triathlon Federation said in a statement.

He had headed the Triathlon Federation since March 2019, the MMA Association since November 2019.

The decision to early leave this role was reportedly “due to the COVID-19 pandemic".

Commenting on the event, Otabek Umarov underscored: “Our country, all our people are faced with a threat that has stumped the whole world. It is obvious that in order to overcome the current challenges, each of us needs complete dedication and exertion of all forces. In this situation, I realize that the tasks associated with the performance of public service, with the provision of public safety, acquire a fundamentally new character and an unprecedented degree of responsibility. "

According to him, both the Triathlon Federation and the MMA Association require time and attention, which he cannot guarantee under the new conditions.

“I am convinced that the people who will replace me will continue the course to develop triathlon and MMA in Uzbekistan, to promote healthy lifestyles and sports. Whoever the distinguished delegates deem worthy to head the organizations dear to my heart, they can count on my support, since I remain an ardent admirer and ambassador of the Uzbek sports,” Otabek Umarov said.

However, he will continue to work as the head of the Central Asian MMA Conference.

Earlier, Oybek Tursunov, the President’s elder son-in-law, was stripped off his share in the largest Uzbek e-payments system, UzCard.

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