Tuesday, 22, June, 2021

On July 31, in Nukus at the age of 72, the chairman of Jokargy Kenes of Karakalpakstan, the deputy chairman of the Senate Musa Erniyazov, died, UzA said.

On July 31, the Ministry of Health of Karakalpakstan reported that Musa Erniyazov was hospitalized on June 30 in serious condition. He was diagnosed with bilateral interstitial pneumonia. The disease is characterized by acute respiratory distress syndrome, complications of acute respiratory failure. It is noted that he was undergoing treatment for several years having diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

On July 30, the director of the Republican Center for Endocrinology Anvar Alimov said that Musa Erniyazov was in serious condition in the Nukus branch of the Republican Center for Surgery named after V. Vakhidov.

Musa Erniyazov, 73, was in Kegeili district of Karakalpakstan. He graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation (1971), as well as the Tashkent Higher Party School (1986).

Over the years he worked as the Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Karakalpak ASSR (1983-1989), permanent representative of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR (1989-1990), manager of the Karakalpak state regional base (1990-1996), head of the Orolbuyi association of the Council Of Ministers (1996-1998), Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers (1998-2000).

He also held the posts of mayor of the Chimbay district of Karakalpakstan (2000-2001), then until May 2002 - deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers. In May 2002, he was elected chairman of the Jokargy Kenges, from August 29, 2002 at the same time he became deputy chairman of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan.

Four times (in 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020) he was elected to the post of Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis. At the end of August 2019, he was awarded the title "Hero of Uzbekistan".

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