Monday, 22, April, 2024

By the decision of the Special Anti-Coronavirus Commission, lockdown restrictions, in effect until August 1, have been extended until August 15.

The commission's statement notes that the tightened lockdown measures since July 10 has yielded a positive result: the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased and the daily number of recoveries has also risen.

"Strict adherence to restrictions, in particular, self-isolation, social distancing in public places, wearing masks, personal protective equipment and use of antiseptics, and hand washing, are key factors in breaking the chain of the spread of coronavirus," the statement said.

The Commission's statement pointed the need to comply with the following requirements during the lockdown:

In government agencies and organizations, only workers who definitely need to be at work should be involved in activities directly at the workplace. The rest must be sent on labor leave in accordance with the law or, as far as possible, to work remotely (online).

Sending of employees on business trips should be suspended and all meetings should be held exclusively online.

If a coronavirus is detected among employees, it is recommended, if necessary, to provide financial assistance to purchase medicines for them.

The ban on weddings, family and other events remains.

Given the risk of coronavirus for senior citizens, as well as citizens suffering from certain diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndromes, autoimmune diseases, heart and vascular diseases, oncological diseases, etc.), persons over 65 are advised to observe the self-isolation regime and not leave home for no reason.

In public places, on the streets, squares and makhallas, it is forbidden to gather in groups of more than three people, a social distance of 2 m must be observed and face masks must be used.

The activities of the following facilities remain suspended:

  • attractions in parks and gardens;
  • clothing markets and large non-food stores;
  • gyms, fitness clubs, gyms and swimming pools;
  • preschools, training courses;
  • restaurants, cafes, canteens, teahouses, except deliveries;
  • resorts, boarding houses, children's camps, guest houses, hostels, beaches and other recreation areas;
  • hairdressers and beauty salons.

In addition, the ban on the entry and exit of vehicles to and from Karakalpakstan, provinces and Tashkent, including taxis (with the exception of circulation between Tashkent and Tashkent province), remain in effect.

During the lockdown restrictions, large business entities were advised to appoint an employee responsible for compliance with sanitary and hygienic and epidemiological requirements at production, service and trade facilities.

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