Monday, 22, April, 2024

The military-industrial complex of Uzbekistan will perform the modernization of T-64 tank, the State Committee for the Defense Industry said.

The experimental modernization of the T-64 was carried out at the production unit of the armored repair plant of the Ministry of Defense. In particular, the 5TDF engine was replaced with a B-84 V-engine, which made it possible to increase its power by 140 horsepower and adapt the tank to overcome any natural obstacles.

The body of the tank was also reinforced with additional armor, dynamic protective boxes and Hytera digital radio stations manufactured in Uzbekistan.

“According to the test results, the T-64MV tank is not inferior to the T-72 in terms of individual technical characteristics. It should be noted that developed countries are also promoting the principle of modernizing the existing tanks in their armies instead of buying new ones,” the State Committee for Defense Industry concluded.

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