Friday, 14, August, 2020

The Anti-Coronavirus Commission has taken a decision introducing additional lockdown restrictions from July 13 to August 1.

In particular, the hairdressers and beauty salons will be closed. People aged over 65 years old are now recommended to observe the self-isolation and not to leave home without strict necessity.

For a full day, July 18–19 and July 25–26 (Saturdays and Sundays), vehicles, including taxis, will be banned. The restriction does not apply to vehicles that have special permissions (stickers), and in cases where a special permit is not required.

It is recommended that the population on these days off stay at home and adhere to the self-isolation, and state bodies and institutions, business associations and other organizations should not involve employees in work and create conditions for them to stay at home.

Uzbekistan has tightened lockdown restrictions from July 10 to August 1.

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