Saturday, 15, August, 2020

The Special Anti-Coronavirus Commission by a decision will again tighten lockdown measures from July 10 to August 1.

In particular, the vehicles circulation will be limited. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard and the State Authority of Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision were instructed to prepare proposals on timeframes for restricting the vehicles circulation throughout the country.

Part of officials of state bodies and organizations will be sent on annual leave in accordance with the law, the rest should work remotely (online).

Government bodies, as well as in organizations and enterprises will be forbidden from holding meetings, if necessary, they should be held by video conferencing.

Vehicles circulation between provinces will be banned (except for official and personal vehicles of organizations involved in the cultivation of agricultural products).

In addition, performances, cultural, entertainment and other public events, weddings and family events will also be suspended.

Persons over 65 are not allowed to be in public places.

On streets and in other places, groups of more than three people will not be allowed to gather.

The following will also be suspended:

  • attractions at parks;
  • clothing markets and large grocery stores;
  • gyms, fitness clubs and pools;
  • preschools, training courses, regardless of the legal form of ownership;
  • restaurants, cafes, canteens, teahouses, with the exception of delivery services (catering);
  • resorts, boarding houses, children's camps, guest houses, beaches and other places of recreation.

In addition, the procedure for international flights and freight traffic has been revised.

The number of international flights will be halved based on the findings of the analysis of the epidemiological situation in foreign countries.

International freight drivers will be required to take coronavirus tests.

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