Saturday, 15, August, 2020

Agency for Youth Affairs will appear instead of the Youth Union, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on June 30. The head of state announced plans to create a new structure back in December 2019.

The Agency for Youth Affairs will be a government body for the development and implementation of state youth policies, will help for developing the potential of youth in various areas: intellectual, creative, etc. Agency branches will be created in Karakalpakstan, provinces, Tashkent city and districts (cities).

The purposes of the new body are norm-setting, upbringing and enlightenment work, protecting the rights of young people, assisting them in obtaining education abroad, employment, doing business, etc.

The Agency, within its competence, shall take decisions binding on all state bodies, other organizations and officials involved in the implementation of state youth policy.

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