Saturday, 15, August, 2020

Kovipir, a drug based on Favipiravir active ingredient will be produced in Uzbekistan against coronavirus, the adviser to the Minister of Innovative Development Isajon Sultanov said.

According to him, the drug company Nobel Pharmsanoat has already begun the process of state registration of the drug.

In particular, according to the company's director for quality Shamshod Sharipov, the patent for this drug belongs to the Japanese company Toyama Chemical.

“This drug, which has a broad spectrum of action against RNA-storing viruses (influenza, rhinovirus, respiratory viruses, etc.), has been proven to have a positive anti-coronavirus effect and has been used in Japan since February 2020 in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Earlier this month, China's Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical began its production under Favilavir trade mark. In Russia, Avifavir has been launched jointly by ChemRar and the Russian Investment Fund since May, he said.

He added that the Kovipir will be produced primarily for the needs of Uzbekistan. It is also planned to export it abroad.

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