Wednesday, 27, January, 2021

In Uzbekistan, a special republican commission to combat coronavirus has unveiled new restrictions on Wednesday.

Supermarkets and free gloves

The control over observance of restrictions in supermarkets and other large shopping facilities will be strengthened. The installation of pyrometers and the use of antiseptic agents will be mandatory.

In addition, temperature of each visitor will be measured. If the client has a temperature above 37 degrees, then he will not be allowed into the facility. administrators should also control over the observance of social distance and require visitors to wear a medical mask.

For safety reasons, visitors will be provided with gloves free of charge.

Public transport

The special commission criticized the work of public transport - buses. Monitoring results show that there are too many people on buses, especially at rush hour, which increases the risk of the spread of coronavirus infection.

The employees of the State Inspectorate for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and the Ministry of Transport were instructed to strengthen control over the prevention of crowds on buses and strict compliance with other sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Market—č disinfection

Once a week, all markets will be closed for disinfection. This is done in order to improve the sanitary condition of shopping facilities.

Regular raids

The report of the special commission said that many entrepreneurs and organizations that were allowed to resume activities are virtually not complying with restrictions.

“They don’t measure the temperature for visitors, nobody is complying with the social distance, and few are wearing masks,” the special commission noted.

On this basis, police officers, the National Guard and the state inspection of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance will conduct regular raids.

Personal liability of governor and mayors

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, the goevrnors and mayors will be personally responsible for observing local lockdown restrictions.

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