Friday, 04, December, 2020

MPs proposed to adopt a capital amnesty law, the press service of the Legislative chamber said. The proposal was made during the round table organized by the Committee on the Budget and Economic Reforms of the Legislative Chamber together with factions of political parties.

Raising free cash flow of citizens, impact on the development of the economic sector; as well as citizens` trust to the country’s financial-banking system were also on the agenda of the round-table.

According to the data published by Uzbekistan Central Bank, the deposit balance of the population and legal entities for the past three years topped US$11.5 billion.

These funds have been received through remittances, the bulk of which is either preserved by the population or utilized in the “shadow economy”.

Funds raised from the shadow economy need to be legalized using capital amnesty. The future law was said to lead to the strengthening of trust of the population and would be under parliament’s control.

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