Tuesday, 07, July, 2020

The Ministry of Transport is considering resuming regular flights with several foreign countries, Navruz Ashurmatov, spokesman for the ministry, said at a briefing at the Information and Mass Communications Agency on Tuesday.

According to him, the Special Republican Commission has submitted proposals to resume regular flights with Turkey, Russia, the UAE, South Korea, China and Kazakhstan during July-August. He specified that at the first stage flights are planned to be renewed on an equal footing.

He added that the resumption and operation of regular flights will be based on the epidemiological situation in the country, as well as with restrictions.

Uzbekistan suspended all flights due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus on March 16. Since June 15, air service was resumed with countries where there is a stable epidemiological situation - Japan, China, South Korea and Israel (Green flights). Entrance and exit from Uzbekistan to these countries is allowed for diplomatic staff, experts of foreign companies, citizens traveling to work, study or treatment, have close relatives or seriously ill relatives abroad, and several other categories of people.

Passengers from a number of countries (EU countries, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore) arriving on Yellow flights are placed on arrival at home quarantine, while Red (evacuation) flights’ passengers are quarantined for two weeks.

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