Wednesday, 15, July, 2020

Existing lockdown restrictions in Uzbekistan have been extended until June 15. This decision was made by the Special Republican Commission for the Control of Coronavirus.

From June 1, a number of activities will be allowed depending on the level of lockdown (in addition to what was allowed since May 15):

In the Red lockdown-level areas:

  • real estate agents;
  • advertising and marketing firms.

In the Yellow lockdown level areas (in addition to the above):

  • training and retraining of drivers of vehicles, while theoretical classes are conducted (online), the practical classes to be conducted in compliance with restrictions (wearing masks, gloves, after vehicle disinfection);
  • outsource catering services to government organizations.

In the Green lockdown-level areas (in addition to the above):

  • resorts, boarding houses, children's camps, guest houses, other recreation and accommodation facilities (except hostels);
  • sports clubs, circles, gyms and fitness clubs;
  • family celebrations, weddings and ceremonies.

At the same time, family events can be held within the host's house and courtyard with no more than 30 people allowed to attend (only close relatives and other relatives living in the area) with strict observance of the sanitation and hygiene rules.

Administrative liability is provided for violation of the provisional rules for family events.

The decision also contains instructions to create volunteer groups to monitor compliance with lockdown rules in markets and other crowded places.

In all provinces, restrictions and rules continue to apply, such as keeping social distance, wearing masks and a number of organizations and facilities suspended

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