Monday, 01, June, 2020

“We have to continue work in agriculture, industry and construction, as well as other major sectors and business operations in the provinces”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said on Tuesday on April 14 at a video conference dedicated to problems in the agriculture, the presidential press service said.

“The life goes on. We can’t afford to lose the time”.

“We certainly understand how difficult it is to stay home, but we are forced to follow this recommendation as the best option for the public health. We will decide on when to cancel quarantine through thorough analysis, consulting with the public.”

“Thanks to the heroic work of doctors, 100 people have recovered so far. Of those 222 thousand citizens quarantined, 141 thousand were sent home.”

“We should not be lagging behind the pandemic spread, but mobilize all capacities, available resources for preventing.”

“It is necessary to deeply analyze the current situation and foresee its course, be prepared for it, having specific plans and measures.”

‘Telemedicine sessions on treatment with the participation of leading experts from China, South Korea, Russia, Israel, the UK, Germany and Japan should be continued and the recommendations received should be actively implemented.”

“Mayors and sector leaders will be personally liable for the effectiveness of work to fully ensure the vital needs of the population, prevent price hikes and support low-income families,” the president said.

Later that day, the special republican commission against the spread of coronavirus allowed to continue and begin production processes, as well as construction, reconstruction and overhauling work at large sites.

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