Tuesday, 31, March, 2020

Uzbekistan is in desperate need for more flights to keep up with tourists inflow, Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov said at the opening of an international aviation forum in Tashkent.

According to him, the increased tourists inflow "has been a huge load on the rail and air transport system." While, in 2019, , the number of foreign tourists visiting Uzbekistan increased by almost 5 times, reaching 6.7 million people (in 2016 - 1.3 million people). In 2025, the authorities are expecting about 12 million tourists.

Active marketing at international exhibitions on Uzbekistan’s tourism potential has led to a massive demand to visi Uzbekistan, he added.

“As a result, Uzbekistan is in separate need for more flights. If there are more flights, then the number of tourists will be even more, ”Abduhakimov concluded.

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