Tuesday, 26, May, 2020

In Uzbekistan, this year mass production will be launched of military uniforms and new caliber bullets, State Committee for Defense Industry said in a statement.

"An Uzbek-Turkish military uniforms manufacturing JV has already been set up. Starting from Q2 of 2020, the JV is expected to be launched at design capacity".

In addition, at the State Unitary Enterprise NPO Sharq, where bullets for small arms are manufactured, h1 of 2020, it is planned to launch a line for production of new caliber bullets.

In order to equip the Armed Forces with military and dual-use products during 2018-2019, at the domestic enterprises, a number of intersectoral projects for production of trucks and special vehicles based on KamAZ truck, military radio equipment, personal respiratory protection equipment, and military meals (dry meals) and other products were implemented.

Kamaz miltary

Another projects were aimed at modernization of outdated weapons and military equipment that are in service.

“In particular, the chassis of the BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system chassis was replaced. Practical tests of this system with a combat launch gave positive results. The combat capabilities of the BTR-70 were increased by installing additional armor, a cumulative grille, a new diesel engine and gearbox. The power compartment of T-64 tanks were completely reconstructed, a modern engine with increased power and a digital radio station were installed,” the statement added.

The adjusting efforts of new Isuzu engines and gearboxes on GAZ-66 vehicles is ongoing, which increases their cross-country ability and efficiency. A mobile command post has been created on the basis of KamAZ vehicles, providing continuous command and control of troops in all conditions and terrains, as well as a mobile medical station equipped with high-end equipment.

In addition, overhaul, reconstruction and technological re-equipment of SE “CHARZ” was completed, as a result of which the scope of services provided by the enterprise was expanded. In particular, a full cycle of repair of Mi family helicopters has been established, and major overhaul of Su-25 type aircraft is being mastered.

SU 25

“In 2020, it is planned to double the production of military and dual-use products and the services provided by enterprises that are part of the State Committee for the Defense Industry. To achieve the goals, as well as enhance the country's defense potential, a Plan of practical measures for development of defense industrial complex of Uzbekistan for 2020-2025 is being drafted, "the committee concluded.

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