Thursday, 18, July, 2024

Today, a briefing was held at the Kashkadarya police department on the circumstances of the death of a citizen, who had been takent to the Chirakchi district police department, which caused public outcry.

The spokesman to the Interior Ministry, Shohrukh Giyosov informed the media that the investigation into this case was ongoing.

“Mortality in police departments is not something extraordinary. Some detainees commit suicide, some get strokes. This case is under the control by the Interior Ministry. The day after the incident, officials of the Interior Ministry came to the place and launched a probe.

We have no right to fall into quick judgements. Only jury decides whether a person is guilty or not guilty.

He noted that as soon as investigation is complete, additional information would be provided, adding that the deputy chief of Kashkadarya police department resigned after the incident.

As reported earlier, Kashkadarya man died in the local police department, after he was arrested for alleged cattle theft. His relatives claim that he was beaten to death.

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