Saturday, 24, February, 2024

President Shavkat Mirziyoev in his address to the first session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis mentioned the possible accession to the Eurasian Economic Union.

“Let me say a few words about the issue of joining the union. Many of us are working abroad, in Kazakhstan and Russia. Can we ignore this fact?

“Bear in mind one thing. We will not give away independence howsoever. The independence is in the hands of a president whom the people trust.”

“We will not join the union as a full member. We must first assess if this is acceptable for us or not.”

“We have already launched US$ 2 billion worth of fruit and vegetables processing projects.”

“And we need to find markets for our produce. Whom will we sell it to? It is true, it's more expensive in Europe. But we have to match their standards. Our land has been worsened over the long years.”

“Before fully joining any union, we must become strong on many aspects.”

“An observer does not mean a member. It is like a spectator. We will observe what is good and what is bad for us in the status of an observer”.

“We have agreed a lot of issues with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in St. Petersburg. Be assured that everything we do is for the benefit of our nation and for the future of our economy.”

“We need around US$ 50 billion to stabilize our economy. The right path is long and hard, but it is very much worth the effort.”

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