Sunday, 25, February, 2024

Blogger Nafosat Ollashukurova, who spent three months at the Khorezm Psychiatric clinic, said she had left Uzbekistan.

“Dear compatriots, I had no choice but to leave my country. I would like you not to regard it as sign of fear or an escape,” she wrote on her Facebook account.

Nafosat Ollashukurova noted that over the past year she had been under pressure, and her placement in a psychiatric clinic got her to lose faith in change.

After release from the clinic (where she was forcibly sent after she announced hunger strike during her arrest) and when she returned to Tashkent, doctors came to her home three times in her absence to examine her. Nafosat Ollashukurova believes that their goal was to put her back to the psychiatric clinic.

“Thus, I came to the conclusion that in Uzbekistan, bloggers are not able to free conduct their activities, and decided to leave [the country],” she wrote.

Nafosat Ollashukurova thanked the US Embassy, ​​her lawyer Umidbek Davlatov and Ezgulik Human Rights Protection Society and its leader Abdurahmon Tashanov for facilitating her departure.

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