Saturday, 24, February, 2024

The President of Uzbekistan signed the Notaries Bill into Law, the Senate said. The document was passed by the Legislative Chamber on December 9 and was approved by the upper house on December 14 and took effect after being signed today by the head of state.

The law amended and supplemented the Collateral, Notaries, Leasing, Mortgage, Realtor Activity, Exchange of Credit Information, Guardianship and Trusteeship, Mediation Laws, The Civil and Civil Procedural Codes, as well as a list of activities for which licenses are required.

The document provides for:

  • phased transfer of public notaries into private notaries;
  • procedure for organizing the activities of the Notary Chamber of Uzbekistan, its main tasks and activities;
  • abolition of mandatory notarization for certain types of transactions, as well as the introduction of new types of notarial acts;
  • abolition of certain requirements in certifying contracts of alienation, rental (lease) and gratuitous use of property and simplification of the process of certifying such transactions;
  • introduction of the mechanism of remote notarial actions, including through video conference;
  • liability insurance of private notaries in order to protect citizens from damage caused in the process of performance by a notary of their professional duties;
  • provision of operational notarial services by improving the system of electronic appeal to a notary.

As noted in the statement, individuals and legal entities need pro-active private model of notaries, which serves as a preventative justice. “Such a notary can flexibly respond to changing social processes, quickly change to the needs of consumers,” the press service concluded.

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