Saturday, 11, July, 2020

The military court sentenced the former diplomat Qodir Yusupov to 5.5 years in a penal colony on charges of treason against the state (Article 157 of the Criminal Code).

The last of the closed door hearings was held today at Yashnabod Criminal Court due to overhaul at the building of the Military Court.

The convict did not plead guilty. Yusupov’s family said they will appeal the verdict.

The military court began the hearing of his case on June 24, 2019. Prior to this, five trials were adjourned due to the unpreparedness of the public prosecutor.

According to the Supreme Court: “During closed trial that lasted for several months, the testimony of the defendant and witnesses were heard and analyzed. The assessment of the evidence collected by the Investigation Authority of the State Security Service were assessed, the defendant arguments were checked.”

The principles of humanism and justice enshrined in the Constitution and criminal law were reportedly used when establishing the verdict.

Kadyr Yusupov, 68, is the former employee of the Foreign Ministry. Over the years, he worked in the embassies of Uzbekistan in Austria, the UK, Sudan, the Middle East, as well as in Uzbekistan's permanent missions to the UN and the OSCE.

In 2009, he returned from Vienna to Tashkent in after the end of his posting, and resigned from the Ministry.

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