Sunday, 25, February, 2024

The Ministry of Justice has prepared a list of approximately 2,000 regulations to be recognized as null and void, stated the Minister of Justice, Ruslanbek Davletov in a report to the Senate at its 25th plenary meeting on Saturday.

The regulatory guillotine method provides for a large-scale analysis, review, simplification and elimination of regulations.

He said that if 60 thousand regulations were accumulated in Uzbekistan’s National Database of Legislation between 1991−2015, then over the past three years 15 thousand documents were registered on top of that.

Is it a lot or few? Is it good or bad? Of course, it is a little too much. This is due to objective reasons - reforms are underway in all areas. Reforms, ideas, thoughts, orders need to be implemented through regulations. There is no other way, he explained.

Ruslanbek Davletov noted that 2,000 documents will undergo the regulatory guillotine and will be removed.

Many countries practice this method as a large volume of documents creates obstacles for the economy, business activities and social relations. We have prepared 2,000 documents, we must nullify them so that it becomes easier for industries to breathe, he concluded.

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