Sunday, 25, February, 2024

Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Additional measures to ensure the rule of the Constitution and law, strengthening citizen oversight and legal culture in society decree.

According to the document, from April 1 of the next year it will be mandatory in Uzbekistan to video record the arrest of a person with informing of his procedural rights. In addition, police must immediately notify the arrested person’s family, or close persons.

Starting July 1, 2020, Uzbekistan will also introduce an electronic accounting of arrest of persons and other actions related to the application of compulsory procedural measures restricting the rights of detainees.

Currently, according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, an inquiry officer, investigator and prosecutor, applying a measure of procedural coercion in the form of detention to a suspect or accused, and the court in the form of detention, house arrest or placement of a person in a medical facility for examination, must not later than 24 hours to notify one of the family members, other relatives or close persons, and also inform the place of work or study.

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