Sunday, 16, June, 2024

The construction of a new terminal at Tashkent international airport (Tashkent-4) is re-estimated to cost $ 430 million, the Ministry of Finance said.

Earlier it was reported that the project was estimated to cost over $ 336 million, with Korea Eximbank to reportedly lend $ 200 million.

The new terminal is part of the Development and Modernization Program for 2015-2019. Feasibility study of the project  was completed last year with the assistance of KOICA grant.

The construction will be completed in three years, the future terminal will cover double the surface area of the existing terminal (Tashkent-2), with the surface of the terminal building for passengers  tripling.

Speaking about his appearance, the terminal will resemble Khumo bird with spread wings. The terminal with an apron for 36 aircraft and 1,700 parking spaces, will be able to serve 1,500 passengers per hour.

The project is based on the experience and the technology used in Incheon International Airport (South Korea).

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