Thursday, 04, June, 2020

The Khorezm Province Civil Court of Cassation rejected the complaint of the blogger Nafosat Ollashukurov requesting her release from the neuropsychiatric dispensary, the Supreme Court said.

The Urgench Interdistrict Civil Court’s ruling of September 30, by which Ollashukurov was forcibly placed to the provincial neuropsychiatric dispensary, was upheld.

The court hearing on the basis of the cassation request filed by Ollashukurova and her lawyer Umidbek Davlatov was held on November 28 in the dispensary itself.

Nafosat Ollashukurova was arrested on September 23 during a live Facebook broadcast of the walk from Khorezm to Tashkent of the journalist and poet Mahmud Rajabov and his relatives for an appointment with the Minister of the Interior. On the same day, the Urgench City Administrative Court ruled on her 10-day administrative arrest.

On September 26, she was found to have "psychological disorder." On the recommendation of a psychiatrist, she was placed in the provincial neuropsychiatric clinic for medical examination and has remained there to date.

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