Thursday, 04, June, 2020

On November 29, Tashkent will host the first meeting of the heads of the police departments of the CIS countries capital cities, the Tashkent Police Department said.

This initiative was put forward by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan as part of the chairmanship of the Minster of Internal Affairs, Pulat Bobojonov, in the Council of Ministers of the Interior of the CIS member states. It was approved and supported by the Office for the Coordination of the Fight against Organized Crime and Other Dangerous Crimes in the CIS Member States (OCFOC).

The goals of the initiative is to strengthen and develop cooperation between the Tashkent PD and the capital city police departments of the CIS member states.

The concerted efforts of the CIS law enforcement agencies will make possible to hold joint operational-search measures to suppress terrorism and extremism, illicit drug and psychotropic trafficking, cybercrimes, as well as against human trafficking.

Bilateral accords and a memorandum of understanding are expected to be signed following the meeting.

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