Thursday, 04, June, 2020

Uzbekistan’s external public debt is 23.8% of GDP, the Ministry of Finance said in a report. Uzbekistan’s total public debt is recorded 33.6%, which is moderate according to the IMF.

For the first time a mid-term debt management strategy was reportedly developed with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Accoridng to the ministry, a safe public debt limit for macroeconomic stability was calculated with the help of foreign experts using the IMF methodology.

Economic growth projections until 2030, investment requirements, resilience of the Uzbek economy to external and internal risks, the soum’s volatility, with economic growth and currency fluctuations in Uzbekistan's largest trade partners: Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey , their effects on exports and the economy of the country were takent into account when drafting the Strategy.

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