Thursday, 04, June, 2020

The Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ambassador Sherzod Asadov, yesterday in Vienna met with the new Director General of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, the Foreign ministry said.

The parties reportedly exchanged views on Uzbekistan’s efforts aimed at building a new industry in the country - nuclear energy, building the nuclear potential, introducing new technologies in medicine and the economy.

They commended the decision to build a nuclear power plant in the country, which will elevate Uzbekistan to a new technological level, will step up the nuclear-engineering science and boost the construction and energy sectors

The achieved level of cooperation of the IAEA with the Ministry of Energy, Uzatom Agency, Academy of Sciences and the State Committee for Industrial Safety was also highly valued.

The IAEA DG noted the Agency’s contribution to the strengthening of nuclear knowledge in Uzbekistan. This year alone, within the framework of technical cooperation projects, Uzbek specialists completed 19 long-term internships, with four scientific visits and two expert missions conducted to leading nuclear centers, and the national training courses and workshops held in the country.

The parties expressed satisfaction with the level of work carried out by the IAEA in Uzbekistan and the effectiveness of joint activities aimed at ensuring and improving radiation and nuclear safety, and highlighted the importance of bringing technical cooperation to a whole new level.

The Ambassador Asadov reiterated Uzbekistan’s firm committed to its international obligations in compliance with all nuclear safety requirements and recommendations of the IAEA.

Rafael Grossi confirmed the IAEA’s readiness to continue to provide technical and expert assistance to Uzbekistan, including in the process of building a nuclear power plant.

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