Saturday, 22, February, 2020

Air defense and air forces of Uzbekistan successfully tested FD-2000 anti missile systems, the Ministry of Defense said.

The ministry announced at the end of October of the first ever tests of FD-2000 anti-missile systems at the Kulkuduk training ground in the Navoi province.

“The anti-aicraft gunners detected air targets at a considerable distance and destroyed them by performing electronic launches,” the Ministry of Defense added. Unmanned drones were used as targets imitating conditional enemy aircraft.

During the exercises, anti-aircraft missile systems also worked out the tasks of destroying conditional sabotage and reconnaissance groups, the actions of personnel during air raids, as well as technical control inspections of military equipment and their refueling.

FD-2000 anti-aircraft missile systems are manufactured in China, they are designed to destroy all types of aerodynamic targets - aircraft, helicopters, drones, missiles.

FD 200 anti missile system

FD 200 anti missile system 2

FD 200 anti missile system 3

FD 200 anti missile system 4

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