Saturday, 24, February, 2024

Management and Data Storage center for the Safe City in Tashkent project will be set up, the IT Development Minister Shukhrat Sadykov announced today at the Government Hour in the Legislative Chamber.

“The design of the center has been approved by the head of state. The center will manage the police and other services. Various events and situations in Tashkent will be overseen from here,” he noted.

The Minister added that before 2020 the German company ATLAS International will launch a pilot project of the Traffic Violation Photo and Video Recording System. Noteworthy that EUR 11.3 million worth of 366,000 technical equipment was delivered to the Tashkent region as part of the phase I of the project between ATLAS International and the Ministry of Interior.

The Minister highlighted that the implementation of the phase I of the Safe City Project will be accelerated till the year-end.

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