Saturday, 22, February, 2020

The deputies are strictly required to comply with rules of conduct. These rules apply to each deputy, regardless of whether he acts in the Senate, Legislative Chamber or local kengashes (councils).

These rules outline the behavioral, moral and ethical principles, as well as deputies’ mandatory rules of conduct in the exercise of his powers.

For example, a deputy of a local council cannot use his status to undermine or damage the interests of citizens, society and the state.

Also, a deputy of the Legislative Chamber speaking in the media, at press conferences, other public events, in his public statements, commenting on the activities of government and other bodies, organizations, officials and citizens, shall not be entitled to use rude, insulting expressions and statements, to make unfounded allegations detrimental to their honor and dignity, to use knowingly false and inaccurate information, to call upon illegal actions.

If a deputy’s public statements contain statements that degrade the honor and dignity of citizens, he/she must publicly acknowledge the falseness or inaccuracy of his statements and bring apologies to the citizen whose honor, dignity and business reputation were affected, unless otherwise provided by law.

In case of violation of deputy ethics, the case shall be reviewed by the Legislative Chamber and the corresponding council of people’s deputies.

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