Saturday, 09, December, 2023

Turkey's Nurol Makina delıvered 24 Ejder Yalçın armored vehicles to the Uzbekistan Armed Forces, the Sabah reported. The armored vehicles will reportedly be used to protect the Uzbek-Afghan border.

In October 2017, memorandum on purchase of 7.62mm caliber machine gun-mounted EJjder Yalçın armored vehicles was signed between the Turkısh company and Uzbekavtosanoat as part of the vısıt of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to Turkey in October 2017.

The Memorandum also envisages the production of 1,000 EJjder Yalçın armored vehicles in cooperation with Nurol Makina in Uzbekistan.

The bulk of these vehıcles are planned to be marketed abroad. The Turkish company will gradually provide armored vehicles production technology to Uzbekistan.

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