Tuesday, 28, November, 2023

for the first time the Military Medical Relay Race is currently taking place at the Forish training ground in the Jizzakh province of Uzbekistan from August 4 to 17 as part of the Army International Army Games 2019, with military units from Armenia, Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Russia, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

At the first stage, male and female teams fired from regular weapons. Drivers, middle and junior medical personnel practiced firing from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and the medics practiced Makarov pistol. The distance to the targets was 50 m for the gun, 100 m for the machine gun. Each participant performed three series of firing: one - test and two – for contest.

According to the results of the first stage of the competition among the medical specialists, the Uzbekistan male (377 points) and female (366 points) teams took first place, followed by the Kazakhstan men's team and Myanmar women's team, in third place are men from Russia and women from Kazakhstan.

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