Sunday, 19, January, 2020

The Tashkent metro authorities started the second stage to drill a 1.43 km long tunnel towards the Shakhriston station, the terminus of the Yunusobod line with the help of German Herrenknecht tunnel boring machine, to add two stations - Turkiston and Yunusobod.

The multi-ton machine will perform not only the tunneling work, but also simultaneously reinforced a concrete underground passage with, and can cover up to 12 meters a day, the company said.

Currently, the phase II of the construction of the Yunusobod line extension is ongoing. Laying of the tunnel is performed in an open and closed way.

Earlier in May, the drilling of a 1.5 kilometer tunnel of the line was completed, with the total length of the planned extension of 2.93 kilometers.

The project is scheduled to be completed before the year-end. The stations will reportedly be designed in the Oriental architecture traditions.

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