Tuesday, 26, May, 2020

July is the hottest month, when the temperature reaches over forty degrees Celsius. Most of the forty-day Chilla heat, which starts on June 25, fall on July.

The burning heat of chilla is offset by low humidity with the influence of blurred frontless areas of reduced pressure.

UzHydroMet warns that the first half of the next week is expected to be very hot in the whole of Uzbekistan.

The air temperature on July 8-10 during daytime hours will be between 37-40°C, while up to 42°C in the south and the desert zone.

Later, the heat is expected to increase even further, with the temperature to hit 39-42°C during daytime and 24-27°C during night, while higher in the south and the desert zone - 43-4°C and 30-32°C respectively, which is by 5-7°C higher than the average temperature ​​for the middle of summer.

The July, 2018, was one of the hottest, in the history of meteorological observations, with the temperature records broken in some provinces.

In Tashkent, the highest air temperature in July last year reached 43°C. A record recorded maximum temperature in Tashkent was recorded on July 18, 1997, when the air temperature was 44.6°C.

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