Saturday, 25, May, 2024

The Ministry of Justice and the Antimonopoly Committee have studied the Termez city mayor’s order to suspend the operation of Damas taxis, the ministry said.

Pursuant to the Termez city mayor’s order “On measures to further improve transport services in the city of Termez”, the provincial traffic police department was issued an instruction to suspend the services by Damas taxis as of July 1.

The decision of Termiz Khokimiyat contradicts the fourth and sixth parts of Article 12 of the Competition Law of Uzbekistan, the Antimonopoly Committee stated.

Now the Antimonopoly Committee is considering an administrative offense case, which was opened following the study of the situation with regard to the Termiz mayor’s office.

On July 4, the Termez Justice Department introduced a submission to the city administration in order to cancel the unlawful orderwithin 10 days and take action against the guilty persons.

The ministry noted that the draft order had previously been reviewed by the justice department of Termez. The latter issued an opinion on the need to coordinate the project with the territorial departments of the Chamber of Commerce and the Anti-Monopoly Committee, since the draft contains regulations that prevent business activities and violate the principles of competition legislation.

However, the decision was made by the Termiz Hokimiyat without coordination with the departments and without obtaining a positive opinion of the Justice Department following the legal expert check.

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