Friday, 14, June, 2024

International Wholesale Electricity Exchange is planned to be created in Tashkent. "We are planning to set up in Tashkent in the near future, let's say that the prototype of a wholesale electricity exchange. Various electricity producers from other countries will be able to offer their electricity surplus for sale," the deputy Energy minister Sherzod Khodjaev said during a press conference.

According to him, the National Electric Networks of Uzbekistan, which are authorized to carry out export and import operations, will also be able to make use of it. This company, he added, will be able to enter into long-term contracts for purchase of electricity for resale, for example, in Afghanistan.

Khodjaev added that Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are planning to sign a ten-year contract for the supply of electricity on a take-or-pay basis before November this year.

One of its conditions is that Uzbekistan will have the opportunity to sell electricity to Afghanistan, purchased from other countries, in case Uzbekistan lacks enough of its generating capacity.

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