Sunday, 15, December, 2019

Today, on June 26, the Tashkent City Court announced the verdict against the former Prosecutor General Rashid Qodirov and another 13 defenders in his case.

Rashid Kadirov, during his tenure as the Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan between 2000–2015, committed a number of grave and especially grave crimes in collusion with a group of persons occupying high posts in the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies (namely Mirzaev M., Fayziev J., Sunnatov, U., Pulatov, R., Musashaykhov, A., Khurramov, U., Gaipov, Yu., Mirzaev, A., Mirzaev, M., as well as citizens Qosimov, S., Ikromov, A., Akhmedjanov, Kh.).

Former Prosecutor General is found guilty of taking bribes, inciting bribery, fraud, tax evasion, interfering with the investigation or into court cases, legalization of proceeds from criminal activities and other crimes against the state.

For the crimes committed, Rashid Qodirov was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 500 minimum wages (101 million soums, or 11,850 USD). Sunnatov U. was handed 19 years, A. Mirzaev - 15 years, U. Khurramov - 14 years, J. Fayziev - 13 years, and Musashayhov A. - 13 years of prison sentences.

According to the Supreme Court, at a closed court sessions, which lasted almost six months, about 200 witnesses were heard, and expert opinions and service checks and other evidence collected in the case were examined for their legality and validity.

In addition, the court ruled to make submissions to strip the convicts Qodirov R., Mirzaev M., Mirzaev A., Fayziev J., Sunnatov U ., Pulatov R., Khurramov U. and Gaipov U.of special ranks and state awards.

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