Tuesday, 26, May, 2020

The Senate at the 20th plenary meeting passed the Arms Bill. The Bill regulates relations relative to the circulation of arms and arm supplies and is aimed at protecting the life and health of citizens, their property and ensuring public safety.

The document defines such concepts as “gas weapon”, “short-barreled weapon”, “pneumatic weapon”, “signal weapon”, “cold weapon”, “throwing weapon”, “combat supplies”, “firearm”, “weapon” , "arms circulation" and "arm's owner".

In tersm of purpose and key parameters thea arms are divided into civilian, service and combat.

Civilian arms include arms designed for hunting and sports, as well as for self-defense. This is a hunting, sporting and self-defense arms. The latter includes gas cartridges, mechanical sprays and aerosol devices, as well as electroshock devices and spark gaps.

Civilian firearms must exclude firing in bursts and have a magazine capacity (drum) of no more than ten rounds, the law says.

Service weapons include weapons intended for use by employees of legal entities when performing tasks to protect the life and health of citizens, property, nature protection, valuable goods, dangerous items, special mail, as well as officials in order to ensure personal safety.

A combat weapon is a weapon intended for conducting combat operations and performing official tasks, which has been adopted by the ministries of defense, internal affairs, the State Security Service and other structures.

The document prohibits carrying for self-defense of civilian weapons (with the exception of self-defense weapons), cold arms and items for sports and household purposes that can be used as cold weapons.

In addition, it is forbidden to carry civilian weapons when holding rallies, street processions, demonstrations and other public events, in public places, as well as in a state of alcohol, drug or other intoxication. It is forbidden to carry uncovered weapons, as well as sports and household items that can be used as cold weapons, not related to professional or sports activities, for example, bats and knives.

The right to purchase arms and ammunition in the territory of Uzbekistan are given to:

  • special bodies and military units;
  • legal entities with special service tasks involved in the production and sale of weapons, activities in the field of hunting and shooting sports;
  • legal entities and individuals involved in collecting or exhibiting weapons;
  • citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • foreign citizens;
  • stateless persons.

Permits for the purchase of civilian and service weapons are issued by the National Guard bodies with a validity of three months. It gives the right to acquire the weapons and ammunition specified in it, their transportation and storage prior to registration with the National Guard.

Permission to purchase civilian and service weapons does not grant the right to carry and use weapons and military supplies to them. Citizens receive the right to acquire civilian sports and self-defense weapons from the age of 18, civilian hunting weapons and military supplies to them - from 21 years.

Purchased civilian and service arms must be registered with the National Guard within 10 days from the date of their acquisition. After registration, a permit is issued for three years, giving citizens the right to keep and bear arms. You can carry it in the places of hunting, sporting events or shooting practice, for training purposes and in self-defense.

Persons who have obtained the right to store and carry civil and service weapons may use it to protect themselves, other citizens and property in the state of necessary defense or extreme necessity.

The use of arms must be preceded by a clearly expressed warning of the person against whom the arms may be used. The exceptions are cases when such a warning is impossible, or delay causes danger to the lives of citizens and the owner of the weapon. At the same time, the use of weapons in the state of necessary defense should not cause harm to third parties, the law says.

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