Tuesday, 22, October, 2019

The regional bio-safety training Jayran will take place in Uzbekistan in autumn as part of the completion of the project: “Strengthening National Legal Framework And Provision Of Specialized Training Biosafety In Central Asian Countries”. The Ministry of Emergency Situations and Health of Uzbekistan will be provided with two mobile laboratories on biological safety worth total of 1 million euros.

This was discussed at a meeting of national coordinators of the Centers of Excellence for Reducing the Risk of Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear Materials (CBRNM), which was attended by the Uzbekistan delegation. The event took place on June 12-14 in Brussels, the press service of the Foreign Ministry said. The event also hosted a regional meeting of the member countries of the Center of Excellence for Central Asia, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The countries of the region discussed the implementation of the project “Strengthening Management of Chemical And Biological Waste in Central Asian Countries to Improve Safety and Reduce Risks.”

As a result of the event, an agreement was reached to start developing a regional action plan aimed at implementing the UN Security Council resolution on preventing the development, acquisition, production, transport, transfer or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons mass destruction.

The Uzbekistan delegation also held meetings in Dushanbe to study the experience of European countries in ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants.

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