Tuesday, 22, October, 2019

The executive director of the Smartgov Consulting bureau, as well as a social activist Aziza Umarova, announced her desire to run for the lower house of the Uzbek parliament.

“I’m 37. Like many, I’ve been recently a little confused and puzzled by everything that is pouring out from the legislature. This is called the reform fatigue. But, as the last effort I have now decided to try to change something for the better, through institutional framework and being part of a constructive and useful dialogue for the society, "she wrote on her Facebook page.

She added that she had recently joined the UzLiDeP party from the Mirzo-Ulugbek district, because it is a party of entrepreneurs.

"I did this in order to try to run to the lower chamber or Senate in December of this year. If those who make the decision will allow me to. When German President Steinmeier asked at breakfast how we assess the speed of the reforms, I suggested that he re-asked me this question in a couple of months. If progressive people want to go to parliament, then this is the best indicator of positive developments in the country. Because it signals better than any government declarations, "she said.

"In general, I have reflected for a long time, consulted with the family and decided to stand for deputy. It is up to the party UzLiDeP to nominate me or not. I love our country. And I want at least 50% of the announced reforms to be put in place. But this is only possible if we all together help the president and his team," she said.

According to Umarova, she doesn’t have any goals other than becoming an ordinary MP.

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