Monday, 01, June, 2020

Germany is ready to cooperate with Uzbekistan and offers to consider environmental protection and infrastructure development projects. Also, during the visit of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Uzbekistan, the issues of environmental protection will be further discussed, Dr. Jürgen Keinhorst, Head of the Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia Division of the Federal Ministry for the Environment of Germany said during a meeting with the delegation of Uzbekistan, which included representatives of the media, NGOs and water related government organizations.

According to him, the populations of Central Asia are also feeling the effects of climate change, first of all, through noticeable increase in temperatures. Of course, this may lead to catastrophic consequences for agriculture, etc.

“Your region is renowned for its mountains and you probably are observing that the glaciers on their tops are significantly less in surface. Taking care of and possibly preventing such climate change is also part of our responsibilities and the responsibilities of other countries. Germany feels responsible for this and in this case, we are pleased to cooperate with Uzbekistan. He added that the environmental issues will be the priority in discussions durong the German President Steinmeier’s visit Uzbekistan in the near future.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment  has always had good relations with the leadership of Uzbekistan and the parties have implemented various joint projects.

According to Jürgen Keinhorst, in recent years, thanks to the Uzbekistan’s opening there had been an upward trend in cooperation on these areas.

“Of course, it is up to your government to make the final decision, and we are ready to cooperate, and we will promote the exchange of experience in this area,” he concluded.


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